Easy guide for device usage

User Guide for TempReporter Monitoring device

Also available to download

Thank you for purchasing one of our Remote Signals devices.  To help get you started you will need to download our app available in IOS and Google Play stores.  You will find our app by searching the word "remotesignals"

When you open the App for the first time, you will be asked to allow Remote signals send you notifications.  If you are a new user, click on the "Sign Up" icon to input your details and create a user account.

Once you have added in all of your details and accepting the terms and conditions and our privacy policy, you will be able to link your remote signals device to your downloaded App. The email address entered here will be used for any reports requested from the App and is our link to you for sending any updated passwords if needed.  Our App requests access to your location but only while using the App.  For Android, select next and for IOS select “Only while using the App”

The final step to linking your device is to input the device id into the “Register Device / Add New Device” screen.  Your device id /serial number can be found on the bottom of your device.

Your device is now linked to your phone. You will need to amend the preferred temperature setting and the device and probe names to complete your setup by tapping on the items circled in red below.  A sample completed setup is shown for reference.

  • Internal -  records the temperature from the device

  • External 1 - records the temperature from the left probe – attached by 4 meters of cable to main unit.

  • External 2 - records the temperature from the right probe. – attached by 4 meters of cable to main unit.

​Once you have completed your settings, tap on the “update Settings” button and you will be returned to your Home page which will show the last temperature recorded. 

Temperatures are recorded every 15 minutes and a history of temperature readings is available by tapping the probe name. Alerts will be sent if any of the temperatures are outside of the set ranges. Once you acknowledge the alert, an option to comment on the reason for the alert is provided.  Comments entered will appear on your weekly HACCP report.

Physical Set-up of your Temperature Reporting Device.

It is very important to place your probes in an area that is a fair representation of the environment you are monitoring.  The two external probes are 4 meters long. Most set-ups can support one of the 4-meter cabled probes to be installed in the Pharmacy Fridge with the Dispensary temperature being monitored from the device’s internal temperature sensor. The Shop temperature can then be monitored using the second 4-meter cabled probe. Priority is usually given to monitoring your Fridge and Dispensary area if cable length restrictions arise.

  • For probes placed in fridges, it is recommended not to place the probe directly in front of the fan as this may not represent the normal temperature in your fridge and will lead to cooler temperature readings as the fridge fan works to reduce overall temperatures.

  • For Probes placed in the shop area, ensure that they are not placed directly over a radiator and ensure their placement represents the general temperature in the shop area.  


Weekly HACCP reports are automatically sent to your email address on Monday’s at 9:00am.  An events report can also be sent weekly by updating the reports section in “Settings”.

For ad hoc reports, tap the probe item on the home screen and select “Create Report” at the bottom of the page. Select the dates required and a report will be sent to your email address.

For any assistance or queries, you may have, please contact customersupport@remotesignals.ie