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Pharmacy Temperature Monitored

Easy to install, internet-connected temperature monitoring and auto-reporting system for Pharmacies.

Never worry about temperature reporting again.

Pharmacy App

€199 +vat

1 yr sub inc.

Peace of Mind

Replace your manual temperature reporting with a 24/7 automated system.

Monitor Fridge, Dispensary & Shop

Fully compliant HACCP reports sent to your email inbox.

Easy to Install

Simple set-up and installation, no WiFi or SIM required, long battery lifetime.

At your fingertips

iPhone and Android app available to review temperatures at any time, any where.

"This device is very simple to install and very simple to use.  The automated weekly HACCP reports are a big step forward from the manual process we had been supporting and facilitates a lot more temperature readings to be taken on a daily basis. The App on my phone is very clear and provides remote access to all of my temperature readings.   I now have peace of mind knowing that the stock in my fridge is monitored 24/7 and I am alerted if this is not so. This was a concern raised during a recent PSI inspection prior to me installing this system. I can highly recommend installing one of these devices in your Pharmacy"

 Billy Lane,   Station Pharmacy Limerick



Remote Signals Pharmacy APP


Download the Remote Signals App to your phone. iOS and Android are available.

Within the App, setup your device, configure alarms and report settings.


Attach the Remote Signals temperature sensor the Fridge/Freezer that is to be monitored. No WiFi or SIM card required. Battery Powered.


Your Fridge is now connected and reporting temperature data. Check on your phone at any time, and receive HACCP reports directly to your email inbox.

Check out some sample HACCP reports below.

How it works
Remote Signals Reports


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